Brilliantly Living

Sharing the brilliant and challenging moments that makeup life.  From motherhood to marriage and everything in between.

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My Journey

Hi, I'm Bri, a Mom to 3 amazing girls (including twins) and a wife.  Join me on this journey as I learn to love myself again after becoming a parent.  I will share the brilliant and challenging moments that make up this journey.

The moment I became pregnant with my first daughter Abigail my world changed.  I love my children to death and somewhere in there, I stopped loving myself.  Now that my youngest two, Bridget and Camilla, are more independent I am fully taking on a journey of self-love and discovery.  I am not the person I was before becoming a Mom, I'm also not the person I was yesterday.  Thank you for joining me as I play and learn who I am and hopefully inspire you in the meantime.

On this site, you will find my blog all about my journey as a parent and creating my relationship with myself as well as a page dedicated to my other passion, Epicure.  You are also welcome to join my monthly newsletter to get a snapshot of all I've published during the month.